Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Early Childhood Intervention Program

Since February, we have been working with Early Childhood Intervention Program for Andrew (ECIP). Lori has been doing a great job of helping Andrew. Every two weeks, Lori shows up with some new game or activity for Andrew to play/try. We did a bunch of assessments, initially, to figure out where he is low/lacking and then activities are chosen, based on those outcomes. This past week, Andrew was given little strips of paper on them with lines in the middle…he is to work on cutting on the line.  Lori also left us a memory game, but it's a bit too advanced for Andrew.

Katelyn's former preschool teacher suggested ECIP to us and I'm eternally grateful! There have been activities and games that Andrew has completed that I never would have guessed he could do (matching games, sorting games etc). Andrew enjoys his time while Lori is here, even though he doesn't always like being dressed for her visits! If he's at home, he likes to just be in his pull up…can't blame the little duder! When I'm at home, I like to be in my relax outfit too :)

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