Monday, November 21, 2016

Our Big Purchase

One afternoon, towards the end of September, I commented to Mike that I had been thinking about us financing a new vehicle. Twenty-four hours later, we had a new truck sitting in our driveway. We are nothing if not impulsive!

I never thought I'd be a truck person. I had a picture of me sitting bitch in some beat up Chevy that blew black smoke. But this truck? She's pert sweet. We picked up a 2013 Dodge Ram Outdoorsman with a hemi. She's silver and oh so pretty.  I love being higher up than everyone else…if we were to get into an accident, we'd take off someone's head. We commented this morning that the only thing that would make this truck better would be a sunroof. It has heated seats and a heated steering wheel - perfect for our long ass winters.

Within a week of buying it, the kids and I, along with my parents, were off to Calgary for Thanksgiving.  There's no way we would have all fit in our old Equinox…we don't travel lightly! I had two suitcases and a plastic tote just for me and the kids.  My parents each had a suitcase, as well as a cooler, a tote, a box of wine and their laptop. We all fit comfortably into the cab of the truck…room to spare! I did most of the driving for the way to Calgary, but got my dad to drive once we hit the foggy patches.

We sold the Equinox to Colby and feel better that he has a good vehicle to drive this winter.  We had bought him a little shitbox of a car, but the muffler ended up falling off and the vehicle needed about a thousand bucks worth of repairs…not worth it when the car only cost us $700 in the first place!

We still have our black wheelchair accessible van for Joel and that's what we drive when we need to transport the whole family (like we did to Waskesiu this past summer). Because of the wheelchair taking up so much space, there's not a lot of room left over for suitcases so we can't really over night it anywhere with Joel.  He's still happy to get out and about to wherever we are going though :)

All in all, a fantastic purchase! Now we have something to haul loads of garbage to the dump - just as soon as we get the hitch put on!

And so it goes...

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